ENI project – the way to attract young volunteers to the HORAL team

Ivan (the leader of HORAL team):

Sport club HORAL has taken part of ENI project as a Slovak partner of it. There has been 4  partners from 4 countries: Austria, Czechia, Hungary and Slovakia.
At the beginning  of the project I realized, that in our Horal´s volunteer team are too little young volunteers. There are many people with many experiences, but many of them are no longer young people.
So there was a challenge how to rejuvenate our team. I has found that ENI project is an good  opportunity to do it.
I spoke about the project with many teachers, leaders and coaches in our small town Svit. Many of them liked the project, so we managed to get a lot of young people willing to join the project.

I decided to take a different group of young people for each of 3 abroad project meetings to include them in the project as much as possible.

This has proved to be the right way, because many of them have stayed on our team and helped us organize our “HORAL 2019” event and I believe they will remain volunteering in the future.
One of them is teenager Edo, who has visited with us the Salzkammergut Trophy and then (during the HORAL) he worked in our technical group.

And here is Ed’s brief statement about inclusion in the ENI project:

I heard about the ENI project from my cousin Jan. I liked it, so I decided to get involved in volunteering. I was interested in seeing something new, meeting new people and gaining more experience. I got into a volunteer team where I got a chance to go to one part of the ENI project. I took part in the Salzkammergut Trophy in Bad Goisern, Austria.

We arrived in Bad Goisern on Friday (12.7). After the arrival and subsequent meeting we started to work and prepare the track for unicycle races. We hung up banners, put down barriers, prepared start and finish. Finally we went to the hostel. We stayed near Bad Goisern. The area was surrounded by high mountains. I had the opportunity to see a city surrounded by picturesque surroundings. Although we didn’t have much time, but it was a great experience anyway. On the day of the main race (13.7) we arrived early in the morning. The racers started in several starting waves. I was glad that I could help to realize such races. We, as a help, took care of safety, proper course of the race and everything else that was necessary. I experienced the preparation of the race at a higher level than I was used to. I have had a great experience that has encouraged me to continue volunteering. After the start we went to Bad Ischl, where we prepared the start and finish. After 16 hours the last riders arrived. This was followed by a results announcement and an after-party. On Sunday (14.7) juniors race started. We then moved on to the final sitting. Later there was a way home.

    The ENI project enriched me by meeting many new people and learned me to work with strangers. In the future, I would like to continue such other voluntary activities. We believe more will join the voluntary team.