The second meeting of the project ENI was held in CROSSKOVÁCSI MTB marathon in Hungarian village Nagykovácsi on 15th June 2019. Nagykovácsi is located in the immediate vicinity of the capital city Budapešť in beautiful mountain terrain.

From ŠK HORAL four young people were participating (Ľudmila, Zuzana, David and Tomáš). They were helping our Hungarian colleagues on the refreshment stations, in the finish buffet and removing chips from racers in the finish. 

We had a chance to see the part of the racing track of the Crosskovácsi marathon which surprised us with its segmentation and technical passages.

In the evening before race our hosts showed us the night Budapešť, what was nice experience.


We would like to thank to our fellow Hungarian colleagues for their good care of us. Also we would like to thank for how openly they shared information about their track preparation procedures which they use.

The next meeting is waiting for us in August. It is going to be our ŠKODA HORAL MTB MARATÓN on 10th August 2019, so hosts are going to be us. We will try to give the same hospitality to our foreign colleagues as they gave us and give them at the same time information about preparation procedures we use.

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